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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Author Interview: Sarah Rees Brennan

Sarah Rees Brennan is the author of The Demon's Lexicon, this is her first novel which is the first in a trilogy. The Demon's Lexicon is in stores today! Ladies & Gentlemen I give you Sarah Rees Brennan!

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I've considered myself a writer since I first started writing, when I was five years old, but I stopped calling myself one when I was about eight: I was saving it. Now, after my book deal, I can tell people 'I'm a writer' and it feels amazing to get to tell them that - even more amazing because I've wanted to say that and have been saving it all these years!

Have you ever written a book that you love that you have not been able to get published?
Oh yes. I've loved them all, and I've written about twenty other books. (I started young!) Some of them really were never going to be good enough, some of them I hope to revisit someday. Some of them, like the Victorian comedy of manners that had a murder half-way through when I got bored... probably best never to talk about that one...

What inspired you to write fantasy for young adults?
I just think it's brilliant! Ahem. I mean, it's what I like best to read - magic and danger and love, at one of the most exciting and uncertain times in your life. I discovered teen fantasy with such gems in my library as Margaret Mahy's The Changeover when I was a teenager myself, and in recent years my favourite genre has exploded with such fabulous books as Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series. Teen fantasy itself is inspiring, and I just have to hope I can keep up the traditions of a wonderful genre.

How long did it take to get The Demon’s Lexicon published?
I started the book in July 2006 and got the book deal in July 2007, so exactly a year! Mind you, since the book comes out in June 2009, really it's taken three years to get published. The two years of waiting were exciting, and fun, and improved the book immeasurably - but I am terribly glad the wait is over!

You’re currently living in Ireland; do you ever plan to move back to the states?
Well, I am Irish, so my family dislike the idea of me living in America as it is so far away, and America itself makes hurtful comments about my lack of visa. That said, I loved living in New York for the year I did live there, and I love going back to America, so a move there one day would not be totally off the cards! New York is my favourite city in the world, and I really liked Massachussetts when I visited there too. Mind you, I'm hideously touristy in America, I keep asking my friends about such mysteries as 'sweet potatoes' and 'automatic cars' not to mention that strange but compelling holiday 'Thanksgiving'!

Is The Demon’s Lexicon the original title of the book/what was the process like to decide on a title?
The Demon's Lexicon is the original title. I'm surprised it's taken so well, actually: you usually hear so much about title changes, but everyone seemed to like it, and now it's the title for the whole trilogy as well as the first book. My friend Pinelopi, who I was living with in London at the time I was writing the book, chose the title from a list I'd made. She was very sure it was the best one, and I guess she was right!

Can you share a little teaser from the book with us?
Nick, and lunged forward to slash the air above her head, to her left, to her right. He cut a door in the air for her to walk through and, panting slightly, demanded, “If you’re so worried about him, why don’t you go comfort him?”

A trickle of sweat was running between his shoulder blades, the cool current in the air washing down his back and making him shiver. He saw Mae notice, and let her see him smile.

“Or maybe you’d rather comfort me?”

(My hero, ladies and gentlemen. Grumpy, good-looking, and worryingly excellent with a sword.)

The Demon’s Lexicon is the 1st book in a trilogy; do you have any other projects that you’re considering after this series is finished?
I do, yes! Lots: one about ghosts, and one about banshees, and one a contemporary romance - and yet who knows which one will be the one I write next. The one that grabs me the most, I imagine. The one I think I can write the best.

If you could collaborate with one author, who would it be and why?
Jane Austen, I suppose. Though by collaboration I probably mean, after I used the time travel machine to get to her, I'd probably be fetching her cups of tea and scones as she wrote. 'Couldn't possibly do it as well as you, Jane,' I'd say. 'Carry on, I'll keep the tea coming!'

What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
Writing itself has always been the biggest dream for me. I wanted more than anything to be able to write, and know that people would read what I wrote, and hope that they would enjoy it. People reading my book? Me, living my dream!

Thanks Sarah!

For more information about Sarah Rees Brennan and The Demon's Lexicon, visit her website here.


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